Reading room: cities and disruptive technologies

Placeholder ImageThese days planning blogs abound. People are writing more than ever before. I mean, I subscribe to 30-40 different email lists. From politics, case law updates, planning, environmental policy, urbanism, futurism, architecture, place-making, philosophy, ecology. And don’t get me started on US political comedy.

So I thought I’d take the time to share some interesting reads, talks, blogs related to planning. And hopefully expand my horizon by getting some good suggestions in return.

This is my first, and it’s on cities – with a side note of disruptive technology – a bit of a conference theme if you like.

To give you a taste on technology and cities:

1. A good starter from Institute of the Future Director, Anthony Townsend, on technology and the challenges of the future. Watch this if you want a snap-shot:

2. On disruptive transport beyond driverless cars in Australian cities, to multi-modal active transport including on demand buses, this article provides a good overview of how technology can change transport, other than not having drivers:

3. Urban Futurist Stephen Yardwood speaking to the PIA NZ 2017 Conference, referred to in my last post.  Watch this if you want an entrance into some of the risks and opportunities happening now:—Keynote-Address

4. A different view, on centralised thinking to “run” cities:

5. Another view on automation, to what extent will it replace traditional jobs?

6. Compare this with the ABC series on Artificial Intelligence:

For a more critical and detailed viewpoint:

7. Check out this great thinking article from Alissa Walker on gentrification and the role of diverse voices in city planning. Important for strategic planners, designers, architects:

8. The 2017 Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum, provides an in depth analysis of the risks to existing social and economic norms:

9. And on the risks of economic disruption to young people, the research of the Foundation of Young People:

If you haven’t read Dion Lester’s opinion piece in The Mercury find it here:

10. Dion Lester, ‘With Planning, The Sky’s the Limit’

To watch:

11. Probably everyone has seen this TED talk but it doesn’t get old. Check out James Kunstler’s 2007 talk on why we need good design. The name says it is all – ‘How bad architecture wrecked cities’:

12. Get onto ABC iview, watch Utopia Episode 2 on ‘Smart Cities’, and have a laugh:

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